A product that is temporarily out of stock, but still available for purchase in the store is considered to be on back-order. 

Putting an item on back-order is typically reserved for vinyl but may include other products that have long turnaround times.

Album represses can take several months. If we run out of an item before the restock arrives at our warehouse, we will put that product on back-order and include a shipping date estimate.

Please note: Orders that include back-ordered items will be treated like pre-orders - everything in the order will ship at the same time.

NOTIFY ME WHEN IN STOCK (email sign-up box):

Sometimes we don't know if an item will be available in the future (Non-Polyvinyl Shop) or we're waiting to place a re-order but plan to keep the item in stock (Clothing/Merch) so we provide the signup box.

This way, interested parties can submit their email address and we'll send a note out once the item is available.


It's a rare occurrence, but sometimes our inventory count is off and we accidentally sell more copies of an item than we have on hand. We know this sucks and is really frustrating - here is how we approach this type of situation:

If the missing item is on its way to our warehouse, we will hold onto your order for a day or two so everything can ship together.

If the item will be restocked, but it will take more than a few days to arrive, we will reach out to you to see if you would like us to hold your order until the missing item is available or remove (refund) the item from your order and ship everything else.

If the product will be not be restocked, we will remove the item from your order and ship the rest of your order to you.