A coupon is a promotional code available for a limited time.

A coupon may be a word, phrase, or random string of numbers and letters and will provide either a % or flat-rate discount.

A coupon code is typically available to multiple parties, but only eligible for one use by an individual.

Some exclusions may apply (e.g., being ineligible for use on bundles, most pre-orders, shipping costs).

Credit/gift codes are unique, 12-digit strings of numbers and letters that may only be used by one customer.

Gift Cards and/or credit codes provided to resolve an issue will not expire; promotional credits will often have a stated expiration date.

Credit/gift codes are treated like currency and may be applied to all aspects of an order, including shipping costs - there are no restrictions.

If the purchase price of your order is less than the balance of your credit/gift code, the remaining balance will be stored for future use.*

*Promotional credits will expire, regardless of the remaining balance.