How to Earn Rewards Points

You might have noticed that buying music, merch, and more on the Polyvinyl site now earns you Rewards Points!

Here's how it works:

$1 spent = 5 points

$10 spent = 50 points

$20 spent = 100 points

$50 spent = 250 points

$100 spent = 500 points

Please note: Rewards points can be only be earned by checking out with a customer account (which is FREE to create either before or during checkout). Guest orders will not earn points.

Orders placed after October 9, 2019 are eligible for points.

Rewards Levels

Earning points also unlocks Rewards Levels, which grants access to a variety of prizes including gift cards, music, merch and more!

Everyone starts out at Level 1 (Congrats!).

To reach each successive level (and remain there), you need to earn the following number of points in a 12-month time period:

Level 2 = 50 points

Level 3 = 175 points

Level 4 = 450 points

Level 5 = 750 points

Level 6 = 1,250 points

Level 7 = 1,800 points

Level 8 = 2,500 points

Level 9 = 3,200 points

Level 10 = 4,000 points


Redeeming Rewards Points

Available points are eligible to be redeemed in our Points Shop for gift cards, music, and merch.

To redeem a reward, you have to meet two criteria:

  1. You have the appropriate number of Rewards Points available.
  2. You have reached the Rewards Level corresponding to that reward.

Once points are redeemed, they are no longer able to be used on rewards but they WILL still count toward your 12-month total (which determines your Rewards Level).

Redeemed rewards will be applied to your NEXT order.

Once you are logged in during checkout, physical items will appear as FREE and gift cards will be available as a payment option during checkout.